inspiring women series - karen woo

The wonderful Karen is nothing short of a powerhouse of talent, positivity, kindness and proactivity - it's no surprise at all that she has elevated herself to dizzying heights in her career as a Fashion Filmmaker and Photographer, working with brands such as Vogue, Lancome and Dior. Read on to discover more about Karen...


Who or what has most influenced your style and how?

My sense of style is mostly inspired by what I’m feeling, doing or drawn to in the moment. It could be the music I’m listening to, a seasonal trend that I’m liking, the colours/mood of a photograph or artwork, or someone I met on the streets or seen in a magazine that I thought was uber cool that I want to emulate. Most of my friends describe my style as edgy and tomboyish, but I enjoy experimenting with new style ideas which is mainly reflected in the way I produce images and filmwork.



What is the most treasured piece in your wardrobe and why?

My most treasured piece is my vintage Chanel belt-bag which changed my career path. By chance on a visit to a luxury vintage store at Madam Virtue I purchased a timeless Chanel clutch. Upon paying, the owner Dean Hewitt and I started chatting about our obsession with haute couture and accessories, and my photography was brought up. Without any hesitation, Dean invited me to an exclusive photo shoot the following day with famous Fashion Blogger – Bryan Boy. Within a year, I left my IT consulting career to pursue photography full time and opened my first wedding and portrait photography studio in Canterbury.



What does the idea of conscious fashion mean to you?

Conscious fashion means not being wasteful and making wise and thoughtful choices on fashion purchases. Although I like to save up and invest in luxury items, I always ask myself, “Do I see myself wearing or using this in the next 5 to 10 years?” I dislike making regretful choices and having to sell it later, so I’m very selective with what I like to buy. I have pieces like Chanel, Burberry dating back to 10 years ago which I still love and wear every year.


Karen wears the Drape Sleeve Blouse 


Which book, song or recipe means the most to you and why?

I would say …  my wedding song - “Unbelievable” by Craig David. Alan and I both love listening and dancing to R&B music so it was no brainer to choose a song that describes who we are and how we met, was God sent and unbelievable.



What self care ritual makes you feel most wonderful?

I have plenty but my top self care rituals are getting facials, hot showers and going for a run. Whenever I need to destress or time to think, I would take a hot shower. I like to keep my face youthful and hydrated, so I spend a lot of time and money on making sure my skin feels supple. If I’m in a weird mood, I like to go for a run to up my endorphins. I also like to spend time cleaning my house and backyard because I find it incredibly therapeutic. It helps prepare my mind, organise my thoughts so I’m ready to conquer what’s ahead of me.


What outfit makes you feel most at ease?

Anything that is denim. My go-to fashion uniform is denim shirts and pants, fitted with a leather jacket or classy blazer. Then finished with a nice pair of boots or heels.