inspiring women series - zoe spaleta

Zoe Spaleta's ability to seemingly provide a brief glimpse into the world of others, evoking such strong mood and emotion through her photography, is truly something we admire. You can imagine we were thrilled by the opportunity to have Zoe incorporate autark pieces into a beautiful series of self portraits. Not only that but she has kindly agreed to give us a brief glimpse into her magical world; read on below.

Zoe Helene Spaleta - an autark woman

Zoe wears the Wrap Dress in Organic Cotton


Favourite song / poem / art?

So many I couldn’t possibly pick one. However, at the moment, Lisa Sorgini’s art speaks volumes to me. Lisa’s work invokes so much emotion through the colours, poses and shapes she captures. Each photograph has texture to it, the light and shadows move around each other and create movement that you can almost feel go past you, and emotions arise within you that you weren’t even aware of. This happens to me often when I look at Lisa’s work. She is an incredible artist and captures the intimate, quiet beauty in life that so many of us usually miss or take for granted.


A place you are dreaming of visiting?

There are so many places, but if I have to pick one, I am dream of visiting Iceland one day.


How are you embracing a slower pace / approach in your life now?

I’m taking in my everyday surroundings a lot more. I’m enjoying the simple things that used to seem mundane to me. However, now they are so beautiful and fulfilling that I’m wondering how I didn’t see them this way before. It makes me wonder, what changed? Was it simply being forced to stay in one spot that pushed me to notice all these new things? Or have my priorities in life and what I want to surround myself with changed? 

 Zoe Helene Spaleta - an autark woman

Zoe wears the Batwing Top and Tier Skirt


What is your favourite piece in your wardrobe and what is the story behind it? 

I have quite a few pieces that were my grandmas. She has such a classic and chic fashion sense - so many of her pieces that I now own have never gone out of fashion. They all have a story that I remember from moments in my childhood and I can picture her wearing so many pieces from these days when I was growing up. It makes me so happy that I can remember those memories through wearing her clothes.


Lastly, your favourite Autark piece? What makes Autark unique as a label?

I love all of Autark’s pieces, but my favourite would have to be the Wrap Dress, I’m a sucker for puffy sleeves. Personally I think Autark is unique because it focuses on and celebrates the way a piece is constructed. The journey of how that piece is made is just as important as it being worn and I love that. I think it’s easy to just focus on the final product, rather than the journey it took to get there, from the very moment it was conceptualised.