an autark woman - bella

In this autark woman edition, we are privileged to introduce you to Bella - the impossibly stylish founder of our beautiful stockist Public Figure. In Public Figure, Bella has created a carefully curated space of conscious, design-led, investment pieces - all underpinned by her commitment to celebrating responsible and slow fashion practices. We feel so proud to have autark sit alongside brands who we admire on this wonderful platform she has created. Read on for the honest thoughts that Bella has been kind enough to share with us.

Who or what has most influenced your style and how?

This is probably something you don’t hear very often - But my Dad has probably been the biggest influence on my style. From a young age he taught me to buy investment pieces that I’ll love forever and what questions to ask when shopping to ensure the quality and longevity of my clothes. Shopping with him has given me a love for suiting and tailoring. Like dad - my wardrobe is very minimalist and full of monochrome investment pieces like blazers and well tailored pants but i have a few more feminine silhouettes and fabrics.

What is the most treasured piece in your wardrobe and why?

Years ago my family made me a necklace out of my late mother's earring. It’s such a precious heirloom and the only piece of jewellery I generally wear. I also have a love for my Autark Wrap Dress. This was the first style I purchased from Public Figure when we launched. When I wear it I’m reminded of how far we have come - from a daydream, to a small start up to reaching many of the business goals we set out to achieve. 

Bella wears the wrap dress in ivory

What does the idea of conscious fashion mean to you?

To me conscious fashion is fashion that has been created with consideration for the people who produce it and the planet. Conscious fashion is never perfect but honours it’s imperfections, challenges the fast fashion norm and works towards pioneering new ways to better the industry. This can include fair wages and safe working conditions for all people in the supply chain, limited release production models, methods that reduce waste and water usage, natural fabrics and dyes, solar powered factories and recycled or organic materials.       

Which book, song or recipe means the most to you and why?

This is a good guide by Marieke Eyskoot has helped me so much on a personal and professional level. It is such an amazing source of knowledge and reading it gave me confidence in my concept for Public Figure. The non-judgemental way she speaks about living sustainably is so unique and inclusive which inspired the way Public Figure communicates to our community. 

What self care ritual makes you feel most wonderful?

With a start up, the best kind of self care is time to switch off. The only thing that gets me to stop thinking about Public Figure is exercise. I start everyday with about an hour of exercise for the distraction and endorphin boost. Even if it’s just an hour long walk to the office. 

What outfit makes you feel most at ease?

Comfort is key. Any outfit that is completed by my Veja Esplars puts me completely at ease. I wear them with anything from tailored suits to feminine dresses. No matter what the day throws at me I always feel prepared for anything.

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