inspiring women series - bella zito

In this inspiring women series, we are privileged to check in with Bella - the impossibly stylish Managing Director and founder of our beautiful stockist Public Figure. In Public Figure, Bella has created a carefully curated space of conscious, design-led, investment pieces - all underpinned by her commitment to celebrating responsible and slow fashion practices. We feel so proud to have autark sit alongside brands who we admire on this wonderful platform she has created. Read on for the honest thoughts that Bella has been kind enough to share with us.

Bella Public Figure - an autark woman

Bella wears the Wrap Dress in Ivory


Star Sign?



A place you are dreaming of visiting?

Over the past year I have literally been dreaming of Europe - going back to Italy, Greece and Spain. I have been desperate to go to Puglia for years but covid keeps getting in the way. 


How are you embracing a slower pace / approach in your life now?

Covid has reminded me about my priorities. Every morning I have been starting my day with a walk. It is so refreshing to be in nature with no pressure or time limit. Having this time to myself has reinvigorated my creative side. I’m hoping that my morning walks can stay a priority even as the silly season approaches.


What change is critical in the fashion industry? What about consumers and their role?

The consumer mindset has shifted so much since we launched. We have noticed a greater understanding and interest in sustainability. I feel the next hurdle to challenge is the sale mentality.

At Public Figure, We choose to often not participate in sale periods as we believe in the integrity of our products and to not encourage waste. To constantly offer markdowns undermines the value of the goods - and the hard work of the creatives and producers behind our brands like Sophia and the Autark team.

Whilst we want sustainable style to be accessible - we want to see responsible spending & mindfully investing in quality additions.


Lastly, your favourite autark piece? What makes autark unique as a label? 

All summer long I wear the Autark Wrap Dress. This style has a minimalist take on femininity that I love. Autark is a go to for elevated easy to wear essentials. Season after season Sophia doesn't follow trends but creates her own by reinventing staples with a feminine, sculptural edge.