Natural Fibres

At autark we take the choice of fabric for our garments very seriously. The use of 100% natural fibres ensures both comfort for the wearer's skin and minimises the devastating impact of synthetic microfibers when laundering. Natural fibres are also a renewable resource and are biodegradable at the end of their lifecycle.

We utilise dead stock fabric and/or organic fibers for all designs in our current collection. Deadstock fabric is an excess product of the fashion industry, and when not utilised may end up being thrown away. It is a joy for us to be able to breathe new life into these exquisite fibres.

Local Manufacturing

Born and bred in Adelaide, Australia our founder, Sophia knew that she wanted local manufacturing to be the foundation of autark.

The benefits of this approach have been beyond our expectations; the relationships formed with our autark manufacturing team mean that we can ensure the production of your garments is as elevated and meticulous as the final product, that all manufacturing happens in an ethical manner. We work with local manufacturers who run their own businesses, big and small, and we feel proud to be part of a growing Adelaide manufacturing industry.

Giving Back

We are proud to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by donating 5% of our profits from each sale made through our online store.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation fosters an early literacy love through gifts thousands of culturally appropriate books to remote Indigenous families across Australia, and works with communities to tell and publish stories in their own language, with content relevant to their experiences. They have gifted over 500 000 books to almost 400 remote communities.

Minimising Impact

autark places slow fashion ideals at the centre of the way we operate

Of our collections, we create only a limited number of garments in an effort to minimise waste. At every point of the manufacturing process, we are conscious of our waste impact; ensuring all materials are used most efficiently, gathering offcuts for recycling and donation to schools and partner businesses, and utilising dead stock and/or organic natural fabrics.

Our purchases are then beautifully packaged in recyclable and compostable packaging and delivered using carbon neutral logistics.